10 Kids Who EMBARRASSED Their Parents

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    Top 10 kids who embarrassed their parentsrnSubscribe to Top 10s ► goo.gl/zvGBHernrnOther videos you might like:rn10 Kids You Wont Believe Actually Exi


    Top 10 kids who embarrassed their parentsrnSubscribe to Top 10s ► goo.gl/zvGBHernrnOther videos you might like:rn10 Kids You Wont Believe Actually Exist www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QmH05ejvag&list=PL1pdD-buunJPQ885-kM8XikToW-d5lER8&index=4rn10 Most Irresponsible Parents Ever www.youtube.com/watch?v=UI3dtqIOy_I&list=PL1pdD-buunJPLSpM4PNzbmAbt7Z2VDMb9&index=1rnrnDescription:rnCharlie from #Top10s counts down the top 10 kids who embarrassed their parents.

    What may seem like assault to you may just seem like a funny joke to kids.

    This kid decided to playfully slap this woman’s backside while at a public pool.

    A woman had to go to a work picnic on the weekend because it’s a company tradition.

    She made mistake of taking her 4 year old girl along with her.

    The 4 year then said “Mommy says says he’s a son-of-a-bitch”.

    One kid couldn’t think of anything good to bring in for show and tell, so he decided to look around the house.

    He finally went into his mum’s bedside cabinet and found these awesome lightsabers! At an Applebee’s restaurant, a girl was with her grandpa but was crying because she wanted her mum.

    She cried so much that a police officer that was nearby thought she might of been abducted! One mom took her young boy to a family function.

    The kid wanted some peanuts, but as you guys know sometimes kids have a hard time saying some words.

    So instead of asking his family for peanuts, he walked around asking for.

    One little boy’s mum was self conscience and often looked at herself in the mirror, saying “I’m the fattest lady in the world.” However, when they were out shopping at Walmart, the kid noticed a really fat lady.

    So he loudly said “look mum, you’re not the fattest lady in the world! She is!” Some kids don’t get the chance to experience people of other ethnicities.

    One little girl asked if a black guy was made of chocolate.

    In another case, a little boy asked why a Chinese woman didn’t have eyes.

    A kid needed to pee at a YMCA pool and told his dad he needed to go to the bathroom.

    However, his dad couldn’t be bothered to take him, so he said just pee in the pool.

    However, this direction was misunderstood by the kid who walked up to the edge of the pool and dropped shorts.

    So this one mum just said people get fat when they are pregnant.

    So, the next day at the grocery store, a kid asked an overweight woman, are you pregnant? It was a hot Summer and several neighbours came round to a family’s house for a barbecue.

    When suddenly the family’s 4 year old boy noticed the dog pooing in the backyard.

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